About Us

Our philosophy

Education a vital element for any individual to gain the edge has been changing in a very dynamic manner. Students around the globe are currently opting for education that not only offers them the skills and the knowledge but also gives them an edge by providing them with experimental exposure towards their learning. Along with that, they also need to ensure that the education brings a change in them which results in complimenting their job career for a long tenure.

Overseas education plays an important aspect over here along with the secondary importance given to immigration. All these things add up to the point that students are radically opting for international education as a part of their career and make sure that they excel at it. To achieve this goal in mind we at 7 Star Consultants one of the leading visa consultants ensure that once a client joins hands with us he doesn't have to regret that decision.

About Us:

7 Star Consultants is one of the leading visa consultants providing overseas education and immigration services. Our commitment and dedication are reflected in our day to day work. The knowledge, expertise, wisdom and competency acquired during all these years make us remarkable in leadership with a solid reputation. We believe in shaping the career of our clients with a lot of responsibility and care. Our services have helped thousands of our clients in accomplishment of their successful career abroad. We are equipped with the best state-of-the-art infrastructure & technology with strong network base across the globe. With offices across India, 7 Star Consultants is a one-stop solution to study abroad. We are also fit to meet your immigration requirements including complementary post landing services due to our overseas offices.


"Take every chance you get in life, because some things happen only once."

Our Objective.

To build long term relationships with our students and parents and provide exceptional services by pursuing business through ethics and good will towards customer satisfaction, best services in the industry; to hold the prominent position in the industry.

Our Mission.

Our mission comprises of meeting with our client's needs in the most relevant and realistic manner wherein we provide paramount services along with a commitment to achieve that transaction of success.

Our Vision.

To be the maestro in the education and immigration across India and other sub-continents. To provide quality services that exceeds the expectations of our esteemed students and parents.